Jack Green

I saw Dr. Jack Green as a therapist for a few years, when I was about 40 years old, and dealing with some anxiety about the end of my marriage.

The biggest gift that Jack gave me was the gift of time - when I would describe something painful, Jack would say "oh don't worry about that, you don't need to fix that today, let's just get you moving in the right direction going forward".

I once called Jack at 4am with a panic attack - after he calmed me down, I realized what I had done - that I called his home and woke him at 4am! I apologized, but he said "Paul, let me tell you something. Do you know that beautiful feeling that happens to you seconds before you drift off to sleep? Well you just gave me that gift for another time tonight."

After seeeing Jack for about a year, I realized he had never sent me a bill. (I am terrible with paperwork.) When I asked him about this, he said don't worry about that, there's a girl who takes care of that stuff for me. A couple months later, I still didn't get a bill, so I asked him - Jack, there is no girl, is there? He said well there used to be a girl. I asked him if I could write a check right now for all our sessions for the past year, and he said "Paul, I should pay you for these sessions, I look forward to them all week".

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